Unique drop Down List Selection



I am trying to make a quiz on excel and i want to ask a question where users
are required to answer by selecting there answer from a drop down list.
However one of my questions is what 2 types of music are your favourite?users
therefore have to choose there 2 favourite music preferences from 2 drop down
lists which i have created using validation. However at the moment because
the drop down lists both say the same thing users can answer the question
wrongly by selecting the same answer for both drop down lists and i would
like to know how i can stop them from doing this so that they have to select
2 different answers and not just the same one for each drop down list!!
Basically i want the two drop down answer boxes to be unique and for them
both not to have the same data in each at any given time. Is this possible
and how can I do it? A step by step guide would be extremely helpful!! Thanks.





Gord Dibben

Debra Dalgleish has a sample workbook that limits the second dropdown based
on the results of the first dropdown selection.


DV0047 - Hide Previously Used Items in Dependent Lists -- Limit the choices
in a Dependent Data Validation list, hiding items that have been previously
selected. DataValHiddenDepend.zip 4kb 10-Feb-07

So........user enters first music preference in dropdown 1.

That preference cannot be picked from dropdown 2

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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