produce list automatically from choice of drop down list



I have a drop down column where the choices are say 1 to 100
From the choices listed, I want to create a list automatically from the
results so I can set up if formulas against the choices selected.

Column A Column B
Column C

Choice (drop down box) Automatically adds look
selections from column
A formula

using column B
1 to 100 i.e. 90

Is it possible to create a list automatically from the list of answers in
column A?



Otto Moehrbach

Your post was somewhat scrambled. I gather that you have a series of
Data Validation cells in Column A, and you want to make a list somewhere of
the entries selected. If this is correct, simply select all those Column A
cells and Copy, then select one cell where you want to place the new list,
and do PasteSpecial - Values - OK. Done. HTH Otto

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