Selection of drop down list directs auto population of other cell


Maj J Schwartz

I am guessing that this is a rather easy task but I am stumped at how to
accomplish a desired function in excel. I have two columns of data, with the
second column (same rows) having a value assoicated with the first column. I
created a drop down list on the spreadsheet that gives the user the options
in column 1. I want the box next to their selected column 1 list item to
automatically populate with the cooresponsing value assocaited with the list
item. E.g. you have item 1,2,3 in a column and an associated price for item
1 of $10, item 2 of $20 etc in the column next to the number. In the input
area, if the user selects item 1 from the drop down list, the cell next to
that choice automatically populates with $10.



Jacob Skaria

Use VLOOKUP which stands for vertical lookup and search for a value in the
first column of a table array and returns a value in the same row from
another column in the table array. Try the below formulas with a similar data
and try changing the name in Cell C2

ColA ColB ColC ColD
Heading1 Heading2
1 One 1 =formula
2 Two
3 Three
4 Four
5 Five

C2 is a drodown list
In place of formula (in cell D2)

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