Uninstall windows 2000



How can I uninstall windows 2000, windows 2000 is my only OS on my
computer, so no upgrade.
I want to uninstall because my computer is running slow and gives a
lot of errors.
I try to fdisk from win98 disk, but that didn't work.

I do have a windows2000 cd-rom.

I went to a lot of newsgroups, but I really cannot find the answer.
Could someone please help me?







Windows 2000 does not support an uninstall option. What is the processor
speed of your computer and how much RAM does it have? (The processor speed
and amount of RAM is usually reported when you first boot your computer.)

What sort of errors are you getting? Has your computer always been slow?
You may have a virus or other unwanted software running on your computer that
is causing it to seem slow. Do you have antivirus software running? Do you
have all critical updates from Windows Update installed?

Hopefully we can get to the bottom of these issues so you don't need to
"uninstall" Windows 2000.


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