Uninstall Windows 2000



Until recently I have been running Windows 98 SE but I
recently decided to put 2000 on it after my 2000 PC
suffered a terminal hardware failure and caught fire.

I made the error of installing from "Boot to CD Rom" rather
than from within 98, so I don't have dual boot to 98. I've
also just found out that some software I need to run that
works under 98 or XP does not run under any WinNT installation.

As far as I can tell, all my 98 files are still there. I
just can't get to 98 to run it. There doesn't seem to be an
"Uninstall" option on the Win2000 Pro disk.I haven't really
got the facilities to back up all my files and programs so
that I can reformat the disk to get rid of it - I can't
just format the disk and reinstall all my programs because
most of my original disks are in storage (Just moved to a
much smaller house).

I have tried booting from my 98 disk - despite instructions
in the BIOS, it skips over the "Boot from CD" stage. I have
a Windows 98 Boot Disk but it doesn't have the Sys program
which I hear I can use to switch control back to 98. When I
try to use the floppy in conjunction with the 98 CD Rom it
tells me that I cannot re-install or rescue 98 because I
have a partitioned drive or that I cannot install over a
higher version of windows.

Please can someone tell me how to get Windows 2000 off my
PC and get back to my nice, stable, less pushy Windows 98 OS?

With hopeful thanks...



Bjorn Landemoo

Do you have a file named bootsect.dos in C:\? In that case, all you need to
do is to edit the file C:\boot.ini and add a row under [operating systems]:

c:\="Windows 98 SE"

Boot.ini should look something like this:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows 2000
Professional" /fastdetect
c:\="Windows 98 SE" <===== THIS IS THE LINE YOU NEED TO ADD

If you are missing the file bootsect.dos, you will need a Win98 startup
disk that includes sys.com.

There is no uninstall program for Win2000.

Best regards


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