Uninstall TS Cals from Licencing Server



we run TS2003 Server with 30 TS User Cals. In the past we had purchased one
time 20 Cals and later on 10 antoher TS USer Cals. Now the 20 Cals should be
removed from the Licenecing Server an transfered to aonther Licencing Server
(diff. Domain). How can i revoke the 20 TS Cals, cause when i try to
reinstall at the new Licencing Server it appears the error: licence already
Our target is: to run 2 TS Servers(different locations) 1x10 User Cals and
another with 20 User Cals, actually the lic pacs are installed on one
machine. thx and rgds roland

Vera Noest [MVP]

From Microsofts Terminal Services FAQ at

Q. How do I move my licenses from one licensing server to

A. You should back up your Terminal Services licensing server
regularly by using the Windows Backup tool or similar. This will
help protect your licensing data from accidental loss if your
system experiences hardware or storage failure.

When backing up a Terminal Server License Server, back up both the
System State data and the folder in which the Terminal Server
License Server is installed. This ensures that data in both the
registry and the Terminal Services licensing server database is
backed up.

If you restore the System State data and the database to the
original Terminal Services licensing server computer, any unissued
licenses are restored correctly as long as you have not replaced
the operating system on the computer. Otherwise any unissued
licenses are not restored and an event will appear in the system
log providing the unissued count. You can still restore the
unissued licenses by using the TS License Manager tool with the
Telephone activation mechanism, and requesting the licenses back.
You can switch to the Telephone mechanism by right clicking on the
server in TS License Manager, and selecting properties from the

In short: you'll have to phone the Clearinghouse.

291795 - HOW TO: Locate a Phone Number for the Microsoft

Vera Noest
MCSE,CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
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