Unicode (Hindi Language) support in WM6


Indra Bisen


I'm trying to develop a application for Windows Mobile 6 which is
unicode based. I'm using unicode for display HINDI language on pocket

Is WM6 supports unicode or not?

Because when I try to deploy application with a label that contains
both hindi and english char. I'm getting only english char and hindi
chars are replced by boxex or question marks.

However I've found another solution from following post


But, copying mangal.ttf not solved problem, it display hindi char but
boxes are appeared in place of english char



Indra Bisen


*All* Windows CE builds (WinMo or otherwise) are only Unicode, so yes it is
supported. Your problem is font-related. The device obviously doesn't
contain a font with the specific glyphs you want. The added font you put
onto the device has those glyphs, but is apparently missing the english
character glyphs. If you want to display both then you need a font that
contains both.

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