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Vijaykumar Dave

When we tried to develop a program with Indian Language
support say Hindi, we tried to include the font of Indian
Language for the label and other boxes through their
properties dialoge boxes. In Properties dialoge box, we
browsed font to select the Indian Language Font, but even
the indian language fonts are .ttf format, did not
recognised it and only english fonts and only fonts
(probably) specified in the were displayed.

We use APS Corporate software for Indian Language support
and all the fonts of the package are recognised by windows
as .ttf fonts.

What should we do to complete our task, as we want to
display our messages and text contains in Indian Language
and also want to accept input in Indian Language. It can
be done in visual basic software, but can not be done in What is required? What is the difference between
vb and

Can problem be solved?

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