Unexpected internal error or not enough memory



I have programmed a workbook using solver in VBA code. Now I added a lot of
other worksheets and data acquisition capabilities to the workbook, and
cannot operate the solver from the VBA, but it works when I start it
manually. The error message appears while setting the solver's option
parameters. The solver is registered, the SoverReset command before the
option parameter setting doesn't generate any error message. I have tried
already insert the command Application.Run "Solver.xla!Auto_Open" into the
Workbook_open part, but it didn't help. My OS is WinXP, my Excel is 2002
SP3. In the mean time I've tried the workbook on an other computer with 1GB
memory, but the error is the same.

helene and gabor

Hello Öregjani

I am just learning the Solver business. Past exchange on the subject says
that your statement should be:

Application.Run "solver.xla!solverok", "B10",3,0,"B11"
set cell:B10
the next two statements:
Application.Run "solver.xla!solverfinish"

Jó szerencsét

Gabor Sebő

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