Solver -Macro




I have no error, but the macro just doesn't do anything. The solver.xla is
activate and also in vba.

But the thing is, even if I initialize it, it won't do anything. On some
cpu, it work very well. Is there an option I need to activate beside the
solver add in in excel and vba? Here's the code :

Sub macro1()

Dim age As Integer

Worksheets("Calcul - Cotis. fixe").Activate

Application.Run "solver.xla!auto_open"


For i = 1 To 300

age = CInt(Worksheets("Calcul - Cotis. fixe").Cells(i + 5, 3).Value)

If age = 65 Then
SolverOk SetCell:=Worksheets("Calcul - Cotis. fixe").Cells(i + 5,
21), _
ByChange:="$T$1", MaxMinVal:=3, ValueOf:="0.70"
SolverSolve UserFinish:=True
SolverFinish KeepFinal:=1
Exit For
End If

Next i

end sub


Hi.  Just guessing on some ideas to try.  Although basically the same, try this instead...


instead of Application.Run "solver.xla!auto_open"

Try setting this to a value instead of a string

instead of

Good luck

I haven't used the Frontline solver in a while, but when I did Solver
only acted on the active sheet. So even though you create the
formulation on a sheet with your code, if the sheet ain't active, it
won't run.


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