Understanding The Importance Of A Clean Registry



The Windows Operating system registry is the most important part of a
Windows-based computer system. This registry is never to be tampered
with by anyone. It is by itself a fully automatic database that forms
the backbone of the windows operating system. The registry is a system-
defined database used by the operating system to store configuration
information used to operate the PC. Understanding the importance of a
clean registry using a good registry cleaner is very important.
All Windows applications record data to the registry during the
installation of the program. The system components store and retrieve
this configuration data through the registry. The data stored in the
registry varies according to the version of Microsoft Windows and the
years or months the system has been used. This is because as programs
and applications are added to and removed from the system the entries
are made to the registry but are seldom removed if at all. Because of
this automation of the system the registry constantly grows. It may
become so large that the system will slow down and ultimately crash
bringing everything to a halt. This is why it must be cleaned
regularly with registry cleaner software....

Registry Repair: http://groups.google.com/group/regrepairsbv

R. McCarty

Total BS, designed to perpetuate the "Urban Myth" about the Registry
and convince PC users there is a need for Registry Cleaning.

Peter Foldes


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