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Chuck Barnes \(Home\)

I edit the majority of my website with frontpage 2003 and I am trying to
upload several vidoes to my site using frontpage. I am getting what I think
is an unusual error when I am trying to upload using the File-Import
command. The filetypes are .wmv files and I am using xp pro as my op sys.
The error reads like this " Server error: Video/#07_new.wmv does not refer
to a page or folder in this web. It may be a page or folder in a subweb, or
it could be a badly formed URL." Video is the folder I am trying to
upload the file into.

The file sizes are 2.7 to 3.2 meg files...not all that large. I have
always uploaded these fles with fp 2003 so this is a little bewildering?
Has there been a change ina setting on my website? (not that any iof you
can truly answer that).

Does any one know of a better solution for uploading videos to my own

Chuck Barnes
Perdido Key, FL




I haven't had much experience with Frontpage, let alone uploading videos
with it, but can you upload the videos another way such as FTP and code the
placement of them on your page in the code tab of Frontpage?

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