Unable to translate text from English to Polish



I would like to translate text from english to polish languange, but I do not
see available polish language in the TOOLS -> RESEARCH -> TRANSLATION menu.
There are many others like spanish, french or german. How can I install
Polish language??

Jay Freedman

The ability to translate languages within Word depends on the
availability of a "web service" to do the translation. That is, Word
doesn't do translation by itself, but instead sends the job to a
server somewhere on the Internet and displays the results that are

The translations you see in Word by default are provided by
www.worldlingo.com. I assume that Microsoft has a contract with that
company, and that some money changes hands as a result. However, that
company doesn't have a Polish component.

You can add other web services to Office through the Research Options
dialog. However, you would first need to find a web service that
offers electronic English-to-Polish translation. I wasn't successful
in finding any through Google. (Beware of sites that say they offer a
"web service" when they really mean that they offer next-day service
through a web site. This is not what the term "web service" means to
the rest of the world.)

Until something useful appears, you can get machine translations
through http://www.tranexp.com:2000/Translate/result.shtml. You'll
have to copy the text from Word and paste it into the web page, then
copy the result from the web page and paste it into Word.

Finally, unless you are able to read and understand Polish, or know
someone who can check the translation for you, I'd strongly advise you
not to use machine translation for anything with possible personal,
financial, or legal consequences. The quality of machine translation,
even between closely related languages, tends to be poor.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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