Unable to set Location (GeoID) correctly when deploying Windows XP




I have a rather simple problem (i assume) but that is very annoying for me
at the moment. I'm not able to set specific user locations (Geograhic ID)
correctly, which is located under the Region Options tab of the Regional and
Language Options applet in control panel, when I'm performing
LTI-deployments (scripted through boot image) of an english Windows XP SP2.

We use the MS Deployment Toolkit (v.4) to deploy the omputers with Windows
XP through WDS PXE boot.

We get all the other settings set all fine such as input locales, system
locales, user locales - but the Location setting won't be set as we want it
to. We have tried different settings in Task Sequences and Deployment Points
such as in customsettings.ini, sysprep.inf and the unattend.txt with no
further success.

We only use LTI-boot images when deploying windows XP and then script the
rest of the installation through TS and customsettings.ini.

What's the correct step to enter this setting in customsetttings.ini or
unattend/sysprep, or can we only set this variable through a script in TS??

Please can anyone give me an idea what I might do wrong?


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