Unable to open .xls files saved by other users



This has been already posted but don't see any response, so reposting it again.

Hi All,

I've connected to one of our remote desktop with my user login credentials
and placed an excel file with macro. On execution of macro will create new
..xls format file in the same location where the excel macro exists. I'm able
to open that newly created .xls file in remote desktop where its created.

Rest of ther users are not able to open the newly created .xls file when
they connected with their login credentials.

Here is the code to create the .xls file:
activeworkbook.SaveAs activeworkbook.path & "\test.xls",xlNormal

Can any one help me out in resloving the above said issue by sharing your
experience or thoughts would be appreciated.

Advanced Thanks



Dave Peterson

First, I don't work with remote desktop.

But you didn't post any of the details describing what happens when the user
tries to open the file and fails. If it's a security issue, then I don't think
you're going to get much help in an excel forum.

Can the users open other documents (simple .txt files with notepad)?

Can the users copy the .xls file to a local drive (their C: drive) and open from

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