Unable to open website?



I just installed FP 2003 and then went to "Open Site..." under the File menu.
When I enter my site name (http://www.jtlindholm.com), I get an error
meesage that it cannot open the site "www.jtlindholm.com.conf" and that no
such file exists.
What is going on? Why is it adding the ".conf" ? What am I doing wrong?
I created the website a long time ago on a different computer with Frontpage
on it. The website was created in FrontPage. Why am I not able to access it

Steve Easton

Open the site in IE.
Then on the IE toolbar click File > Edit with Microsoft FrontPage.

You should be prompted for the user name and password.

Also, it's possible that the FrontPage extensions have been removed or become corrupt
and need to be repaired / reinstalled, as they are needed to open the site using the http:// address.

You might want to check with your host about the extensions.
The configuration file is there: http://www.jtlindholm.com/_vti_inf.html
but they still could be broken.


Steve Easton
Microsoft MVP FrontPage
FP Cleaner
Hit Me FP


Thanks, Steve. I have yet to contact my host but certainly will. I was able
to open the page in FrontPage 2003 by going to the site then following your
directions. However, when the page opens in FrontPage, I do not see
everything that I see on the page when it is published (the title, for
example). I think I am used to working in a older version of FrontPage.
Anyway, is there a way to get the entire page to been displayed? How about
the navigation? Why does that not come up?
Thanks for your time with this.


That sounds like you are opening the cached copy of the page, rather
than the page on the website - this sometimes happens when opening the
site via IE.

Is the entire site opened (is there a file list on the left) or just the
page? If it is only the page that opens, then any shared borders in use
will appear empty and any included files delineated with

As Steve indicated, if only the page opens then the extensions may need
to be checked (ask your host to run a Server Health Check) or
Ron Symonds - Microsoft MVP (FrontPage)
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