unable to locate component error code



i have an Acer laptop (XP Home edition) and keep getting an error code (BSOD)
C0000135 BASER FAS32 (unable to locate component... was not found). i can't
get it to stop rebooting even tho i go to the menu and select to stop
automatic reboot, nor can i get it to boot in safe mode of any kind. it won't
let me go to last good configuration...nothing.
i did, however, get into safe mode last night long enough to run my virus
program (AVG) and healed 12 trojans!
from what i've read, and i may be wrong, is this an SP2 problem? i don't
have an SP2 disk nor access to one. ANY suggestions, PLEASE?? i need my
computer!! thanks in advance!


Are you an accountant? FAS32 might ring bells if you are?

You should remove the hard and place it in an enclosure conected to
another computer and backup any important data.

What model is your laptop?


Hope this helps.

Stourport, England
Enquire, plan and execute


um.. no, i'm sorry i'm NOT an accountant. lol rings no bells with me! does
this mean the hard drive is dead? it's an ACER model ZL6. (Aspire 3500
series). thanks for the info! tad


thanks for your help but if i use these discs, it will erase my hard drive.
any other suggestions? how can i get back to a system restore point? going
to the boot menu doesn't work. can't get to safe mode or system restore, or
last known good config...still nothing. what is BASER FAS32 after the error
code? i can't find it anywhere. is this an SP2 problem, ad or spyware? any
ideas on what's going on and how i can fix this??? thanks! tad

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