Unable to Join Domain


Stephen Simpson


We have a 20 workstation network. All the workstations are WIN2K pro
computers and the server is a WIN 2K server with active directory. Most of
the computers login to the domain, xxx.net and four of the workstations
access a workgroup. The problem is that I cannot get these computers to
join the domain. Whether I use control panel/system or netdom, the error
message I get is 'The specified domain either does not exist or it could not
be contacted.'

If I go up to a computer which can log into the domain and change it it to
workstation access, restart the computer and then try to change it back to a
domain, it cannot make the switch back.

Other details.

- Server has active directory runnning.
- DHCP / DNS is running on the server.
- There are no routers.
- All workstations are cabled into a switch.
- All computers already memebers of a domain work fine, it just they cannot

Any ideas will be appreciated.


Stephen Simpson



Steven L Umbach

They need to be configured to point to the domain controller only as their preferred
dns server in tcp/ip properties before they can join the domain. Ipconfig /all will
show the dns server configured. The domain controller must point to itself via it's
assigned static IP address as it's preferred dns server. They should be able to ping
the domain controller by it's ip address and fully qualified domain name such as
mydc.mydomain.com. See the link below for the FAQ on W2K dns. --- Steve


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