Unable to install a network HP DeskJet 810C Series printer on a Windows 2000 client


Fernando Ronci


I'm having trouble installing on a Windows 2000 workstation a "HP DeskJet
810C Series Printer" connected to a Windows NT 4 server.
I run the "Add printer" wizard on the Windows 2000 workstation, choose to
install a network printer, click "Next", the tree displaying all networked
hosts and printers appears, I pick the "HP DeskJet 810C Series Printer",
which is physically connected to a Windows NT 4 server, and then I get the
following error:
The server on which the "HP DeskJet 810C Series Printer" printer resides
does not have the correct printer driver installed. If you want to install
the driver on your local computer, click OK.

Then I select "OK" and windows 2000 tries to install the driver, but the
following message pops up:
The file '*.inf' on (Unknown) is needed.
Type the path where the file is located and then click 'OK'.

From this point, I cannot figure out which is the needed .inf file. The
CD-ROM that came with the printer doesn't have any drivers for windows 2000.
I refer the dialog box to c:\winnt\system32 , c:\winnt\system, and even to
the driver CD provided by HP, but nothing worked.
Also, HP's site doesn't have the driver available for download, instead, a
message saying that it comes native with windows 2000 is shown.

My question is:
How do I install the HP DeskJet 810C printer driver on a networked windows
2000 workstation where the printer is physically connected to a Windows NT 4
server ?

Help appreciated.
Thank you,

Fernando Ronci
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Roberto Icaza


Make sure you have the drivers for win2k installed, or available locally,
for the printer. Download the Win2K drivers and install the printer on the
win2k client with the correct drivers.

Fernando Ronci


The problem is that it's not feasible to download the drivers from HP's
drivers site because it's specifically stated that the drivers for the
DeskJet 810C Series Printer come native with Windows 2000, being unnecessary
to download them.

Make them available locally could be an option, but how do I do it ? I mean,
how do I extract the files comprising the drivers from Windows 2000
installation archives and save them in a folder ? I already tried installing
the printer locally on LPT1, just to force Windows 2000 extract and install
the actual files. Anyway, this didn't help at all when I refered the network
printer installation process to c:\winnt\system32 or c:\winnt\system, I
mean, it didn't find what it needed in those places (and their subfolders).

Thank you,

Alan Morris\(MSFT\)

The HP driver for this printer is so bad that it's installation on Win2k is
pretty much a bugcheck timebomb. If you have Win2K Server there is a
utility in the printers directory called fixprnsv.exe. Run this and it will
either update the driver on the NT4 server or fix the name conflict so the
Win2k inbox 810C driver will point and print for this device.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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