Unable to Create your data access page Error



When I try to create a data access page using the Wizard, based on even a
simple table, I get the following error message "The wizard is unable to
create your access page". I tried it on a few other computers and on some of
them, the same process worked and generated the web page, and on some it did
not. I researched this problem on-line and noticed that two people posted
the same problem in this Discussion group, but received no help or responses.
I hope someone will answer me!...
I checked the differences between the computers that worked and those that
did not, and noticed that the version of the ones that did NOT work was:
Microsoft Access 2002 (10.6771.6845) SP3. The ones that worked had:
Microsoft Access 2002 (10.6771.6839) SP3 or even Microsoft Access 2002
(10.6771.6735) SP3. Notice that 6845 is greater that the other numbers that
worked. Does it mean that it is a later version? How do I go back to the
earlier versions to restore the capability of creating a Web Page?
I beleive the problem is failure to connect to the source tables; but the
ConnectionString property of the page is the same on all the computers that
worked as well as the ones that did not. In Design view I was able to create
a page with just labels. The Field List that containsed the path to my
database did not successfully retrieve the tables, so I could not include any
field on my page.

Is this a known bug? and how do I work around it? I would appreciate any
help or suggestion.



I have the same problem with Access 2000 and can not find anyone who replies
to the message. I can not find a reference to the problem on the Microsoft
website. It must be a bug they do not want to talk about.

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