Unable to connect Win98 to Win2K



Hello. I have a Win2K desktop (formatted NTFS) and a Win98
laptop (formatted FAT32) which I would like to network. I
have a Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Broadband Router that is
connected to the Win2K with Ethernet and the Win98 with a
Linksys WPC54G Wireless-G Notebook Adapter. Both computers
access the Internet great (I have a cable modem), but they
don't see each other in their respective network access
points (My Network Places-Win2K and Network
Neighborhood-Win98). Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Marina Roos

Make sure all computers are in the same workgroup and that all useraccounts
(so also the one used on the W98) exist on all computers (W2K/XP's). Got
File- and printersharing loaded? Is Netbios over TCP/IP enabled (Advanced
properties of TCP/IP, tab WINS)?



As you can probably tell, I'm extremely new to networking.
My apologies if this sounds elementary.

1. I am using TCP/IP protocols. Linksys told me I had DHCP
enabled already, so it formatted itself accordingly. Also,
it gave me an IP address/Subnet mask as well as a starting
IP address. I programmed the IP address into the Wireless-G
programming as it was loading.

2. I am assuming the "host name", as Linksys calls it, is
the workgroup. It appears on both machines.

3. File and printer sharing is loaded and active on both

4. I don't understand your question about Netbios. What
does that do?



Check to see if you have a user account on the w2k box for
the w98 box. You HAVE to do the following: goto My
Computer/properties/general tab and see what the name is
that the computer is registered to. Set up a user account
in w2k using the exact spelling/spaces and capitalization.
Make sure the workgroup is the same and the hard drives
are shared.

Marina Roos

Hi Scottiegirl,

Can you post the ipconfig/all from both computers?

On the W2K, go to the properties of your connection, TCP/IP, Advanced, tab
WINS, where you check the box "Enable Netbios over TCP/IP".


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