Udate: Safe Mode Frezzes at logon screen



Hello once more,

I have an update on my Safe Mode freezing problem (the original post is
below). I was able finale able to boot into Safe Mode. Even though successful
how it did it it still raises a question. I will explain below.

If you read my original post at the top of this thread you will remember the
point it froze at was as soon as I clicked my cursor on my Admin account
picture at the welcome screen. The password box popped up and my cursor
wouldn’t move and when I tried to type none of my key strokes came up (PS2
mouse & keyboard).

Well after I unplugged the PC and plugged it back in to get out of the big
freeze like usual I though about were it froze at each time, after I clicked
and the password box popped up and decide to try some thing.

I went to User Accounts and got rid of requiring a password at logon. Then I
booted to safe mode and at the welcome screen simply clicked on the picture
to logon and instead of freezing it worked.

Why would not requiring at password at logon solve the freezing up in Safe

I don’t really need as password on either account as it is just my wife and
I who use it but if at some point we do want or need to put logon passwords
on the accounts we won’t be able to get into Safe Mode like before.

Can any one shed some light on this new twist?


****************ORIGINAL POST**************


I have a Windows XP Pro Safe Mode problem. I have a Dell Dimension 8400
Desktop (nearly three months old).

First let me say I religiously keep my antivirus up to date. I have Spybot
Search & Destroy, Ad-Aware SE, Spy Sweeper, PestPatrol, Microsoft AntiSpyware
and I use HijackThis. I only use one of the Spyware programs for active
protection. I can account for all of my running processes and startup entries
including those starting from the Registry.

I scan my system (Spyware and viruses) after turning off system restore then
I booted into safe mode (that was my routine before this problem). I keep my
web surfing to a minimum. I use my banks site, news sites etc. This problem
only recently happened. I have no problems booting up into Windows and every
thing runs great. I never have had a virus or been hit with spy ware etc
because of that routine.

The problem only when try to boot into Safe Mode. I press F8 then select
Safe Mode. It runs the process of booting into Safe Mode all the way to the
Welcome screen where it displays the picture for my Administrator Account and
my personal Account (also an Administrator Account).

My mouse works fine, it moves freely around the screen to mouse over what
ever account I choose to log into but when I click the picture and the
password box comes up for me to type into my system freezes right there. The
password box has that blinking line like its ready for me to type in my
password but when I type none of my key strokes work, nothing goes into the

I type and it doesn’t respond. My mouse cursor is frozen right were I last
clicked (it looks like a little glove not an arrow), I can’t move it. I am
sitting there locked up and the only way I can get out is to unplug my
computer (were it it boots up perfectly into Windows). I have my system setup
so when I press the power button the box pos up for me to shut down or
restart but that doesn’t work because I can’t press enter or move my mouse

Dell’s solution as it is for any thing big and small is to restore the
system back to it factory shipped state using their restore function (wiping
all my programs and settings out). Windows Restore did nothing either I
forgot to mention. I am hoping some one has had this happen or heard of it
and has a solution other than starting from zero. Any way or thing any of you
may have to offer would be greatly appreciated. I’ll try it first before I
use any drastic measures.

Windows performs flawlessly, all programs, functions, applications, drivers
and hardware run perfect it’s just this ‘Safe Mode’ debacle that’s got me.

Thanks for your help.

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