TV recording and Viewing via Firewire?


Paul Strat

I'm trying to use my PC to record from my satellite receiver
and later play the recorded files to my TV-projector, using the
firewire port and a Canopus ADVC100 digital video converter

I have already captured very good quality video, recording
from the Canopus converter, that I have connected to
the S-VHS and audio outputs of the satellite receiver.

In this way, the Canopus converts the S-Video and audio
analog output signal from the satellite receiver, and outputs a
digital signal through the firewire port that feeds the firewire
capture card installed in the PC.

I used the "Power VCR II" software, as I'd like to build a
PVR-PC system that can be set with a timer recording function,
so I can used it like a regular VCR to perform unattended recording,
but I'm willing to switch to other software if there are better
options, better quality, etc.

The recorded programs look really good when watching them on
the PC, even when using full screen format. But my problem is
that I can't send the recorded program to my RPTV, even
when the Canopus converter performs also a very good
Firewire to analog Video and Audio conversion, as it seems
the "Power VCR II" software (and I suspect most of
video software) does not deliver the signal that the Canopus
needs to perform the digital to analog conversion.

I can only output video via firewire when connecting my
Sony DCR-TRV900 camcorder, and playing video files
with the brand-new "Adobe Premiere Pro V7" I have installed
on my other PC with the purpose of editing familiar tapes.

My questions are:

1) :
What is the recommended software I should use to
achieve good Video programming recording to later
be played onto my RPTV, using the Fireware PC
port and the Canopus video converter that I already have?

Does the Power VCR II perform the job?
Other recommended software with the unattended recording

If such software does not exist, what is the recommended
video capturing software to use? (I already have Adobe Premiere
Pro V7, Ulead DVD Movie Fcatory2, and Pinnacle Studio 8).

What are the recommended video settings when capturing
from the firewire port, to obtain the best quality video?
Is it better to capture in AVI, MPG or other format?

My system config:

Pentium-4 3.00GHC PC, with 1.00GB of RAM

Radeon 9200 Video Card.

Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum-EX audio card with
built-in 2 Fireware ports.

Running Windows-XP Professional. with SP-1

I'll appreciate any help regarding this matter

Thanks in advance

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Tommy G

Well it seems like alot of equipment and trial and error
just to record TV. I'm very surprised that you are
recording good signal quality seeing that satelite is
already compressed MJPEG2. I'm not to impressed with sat.
TV signal especially when there is alot of motion on
I don't have an answer for #1 but I know you are using
good equiptment. As far as #2 AVI files will be VERY big
as you know (lots of HD space)Mpg will compress your
signal even more with lower quality but more disk space.
It's a trade off I guess.
If it was me I'd use a DVD recorder or TiVo.


Paul Strat

Thanks for your input Tommy G.

I'm using a DVD-RAM recorder (DMR-T2020), and
although some satellite channels are overcompressed and
an there is a low quality picture with digital artifacts and blocking,
other channels such as HBO-HD, SHO-HD
deliver very good quality, even when the DVD recorder handle
just the down-converted HD signal coming from my Sony SAT-100.

BTW: The quality of the DMR-T2020 is so good that I
though of building a PC based recorder.
After so many digital conversions it is amazing the excellent
quality this unit delivers.

I have to find a good software to IN and OUT the
same analog Video and Audio signals the SAT-100 delivers
without compromising too much quality (same as the built-in software
on the DMR-T2020 does). My idea is to have the computer as
an alternative TV recorder to store long shows that do not
fit in the 2hours DVD-RAM disks, to view them later or
copy them to a DVD-RAM or DVD-R disk using the DVD-RAM
burner I have already installed in my PC.

I'm waiting for a HDTV TIVO or better yet an HDTV
satellite receiver with built-in hard disk to become available.
I have learnt that such devices could be in the market around
the end of the year.


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