Trying to use NetBEUI for Microsoft Networking XP home and Win98



I'm trying to set up microsoft file and printer sharing between an XP home
notebook and an old Win98 desktop. I've read that it's much safer to bind
mircosoft networking only to NetBEUI for the LAN part of a home network, and
to unbind it from TCP/IP, for security reasons. In Win98 this is
straightforward, but in XP NetBEUI doesn't appear as an available protocol.
Is it possible to set up XP to use NetBEUI only for microsoft file and
printer sharing, leaving TCP/IP only for internet access?


Sooner Al [MVP]

See this article for help installing NetBEUI...

Note NetBEUI is unsupported in XP and you really don't need to use it. Your
better off, IMO, only using TCP/IP on your network along with using personal
firewalls on each PC to block unauthorized access to shared files and

Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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