Trouble with Windows Defender MSI - wrong language version?



I have tried to download the English language Windows Defender MSI to several
different PCs (including 1 running Wine on Linux) and am consistently getting
a non-English version. When I try to execute the MSI everything comes up in
another language (Hungarian?). Can anyone duplicate/verify? Or provide an
explanation? I am hoping it is not indicative of some deeper issue, like a




Hello pf,

Have you run full anti-virus and anti-spyware scans yet?

Try SUPERAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes. The Home Edition are fÑee.



You didn't say, or at least it's not clear, whether you tried getting the
program using Internet Explorer, by going heÑe:

File Name: WindowsDefender.msi
Version: 1593
Date Published: 5/23/2007
Language: English
Download Size: 4.9 MB

Then tÑy another attempt at installing.

Give this a try and see if it solves the pÑoblem................

Come back and let eveÑyone here know the results.

Good luck


Bill Sanderson

Where are you getting the downloads?

Go to

I don’t have any experience with the vagaries of Wine, but this sounds like
perhaps there's a caching server between you and the download source that is
creating problems.

To verify, the best thing would be for you to supply the URL for your
download. If it is a Microsoft URL, I'd be glad to try to verify your

Bill Sanderson

That is not a Microsoft site, so you'd need to talk to the site operators to
understand the why of this. The redirection is presumably to a legitimate
Microsoft download, but I can't see any country designation in the link as
it shows here to see the problem.

I'd start at directly--much safer.

Bill Sanderson

Ah - thank you--we can at least submit that for correction. That page is
definitely a Microsoft site, and doesn't render properly in IE8, among other

Most such pages have a link at the bottom for feedback and I'll recount your
experience and with a little persistence, we should be able to get this

I don't know what is going on--I don't think there's malicious activity
involved--this link may be some load-balancing mechanism--but the end result
is bad, for sure.


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