Can't install Windows Defender



Windows XP Home SP 2:

After performing a virus scan and removing 29 virus/trojans and a worm,
I am trying to install Windows Defender after a reboot.

Because of the long delay after first trying to launch the setup,
with no indication that it was running, I launched it again.

Soon I was notified that i could not install that second instance, etc because setup is already running.

After another reboot, and being careful to have only one instance running,
I still have the same problem. It says"Another installation is in progress. You must complete that installation before
continuing this one."

Add Remove Programs
has no Windows Defender in it.

Using "Sysinternals Process Explorer" I see only the on instance of msiexec.exe running and it is the one showing the

Appropriately closing all the windows causes the msiexec process to vanish form the process explorer window. I see
nothing else to suggest setup is running anywhere.

How do I fix this?

feeling dumb about now

Mike Hall - MVP

There is a strong possibility that you still have an infection which is
doing its best to prevent you installing anything which might remove it..

Go to this web site and follow Malke's instructions on how to remove malware

You must follow the instructions to the letter, and even if you do, there is
never a 100% guarantee that all will be well afterwards. You may still have
to start over.

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