Trendline in Stacked Column Chart



I have a stacked chart which shows data for 6 separate series identified by
month for 2010. What I am trying to do is include the data for each month
but only project a trendline using the data for months that have already
elapsed (for instance I would only want the trendline at the end of this
month to show the trend based on data for Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr).

I cant get a trendline on the graph at all let alone one that is constrained
to specific data.

I have tried including an additional data series which is the total of the
other 6 and then plot this on a secondary vertical axis in the hopes that I
could use this to create a trendline.

Can anyone help




EXCEL 2007

MS documentation states:-

"You can add a trendline or moving average to any data series in an
unstacked, 2-D, area, bar, column, stock, xy (scatter), or bubble chart".

Based on the above it seems that MS do not allow a trendline to be added to
a Stacked Column Chart.

Please hit Yes if my comments have helped.




Jon Peltier

If you add the total series to the chart, then convert it to a line
chart type, you can right click on it and add a trendline.

Maybe you know this, but unless the category axis is numerical (or at
least evenly spaced, like Q1-Q2-Q3 etc), your trendline may be
misleading or even meaningless.

- Jon

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