Transaction cannot enlist in the specified transacion coordinator



When trying to run my application from client on server I get this error.
I know about the firewall problem when client is Windows XP SP2 - and this
didn't help.

Then I tried the tool dtcPing. On the server (Windows 2003 SP1) this reports
the following:

error(0x57) at rpcUtil.cpp @133
-->87 (The parameter is incorrect)
error (0z57) at rpcutil.cpp (@54)
-->87 (The parameter is incorrect)

On the client the same section in the logfile says
RPC server is ready

On both computers the section "Validating remote computer name" reports

-->1753 (there are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper

which I guess i both cases are due to the "incorrect paramter" above.

Haven't been able to find any information on this.
Any suggestions?


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