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How can I tell if a document has ever had track changes on
it? I want to use the document that I have received as a
basis for another, and am conscious there will be problems
if I email it to other people (I dont want them being able
to back track and see the original).

Please please advise

Thank you for reading and trying to help.



Andre Da Costa

Click on the "Tools" menu, "Track Changes", the toolbar for Tracking Changes
should be enabled. It will then display if any changes have been made to the

If you want to go back to the original document, click the "Show" Button on
the "Track Changes" Tool bar to uncheck, the options listed. "Comments"
"Final" "Ink Annotations" etc. Save the document then send.

Andre Da Costa
Jamaica W.I.



Margaret Aldis

You seem to have just given instructions to achieve just what the OP was
worried about!

To remove the tracked changes, you must *Accept* the changes and save the
file. (Similarly, you must remove comments). Using the 'Show' menu merely
changes the view on your computer - the changes/comments are still in the
file and will reappear when the view is set to show them (this may well be
instantly on opening on the other party's machine).

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