Totally silent install of Windows Defender Final


Liam C

Hi All,

Thus far, I've been able to do a silent install of WD, but at the end, a big
dialog pops up with settings, etc. I'm trying to deploy over network / AD to
end users/XP workstations. Anyone know of a way to turn this off so that
Defender simply starts up in the system tray?

(I also see that Microsoft has included adm files for basic gpo
settings--thanks Microsoft ;)




Is it possible to deploy it without an active network connection? I can
make it deploy silently as well, but not unless it has a clear shot at the
internet for WGA.

BTW - I'd like an answer to Liam's question as well. It's annoying, because
when you install silently the program opens on the target computer and
updates and scans by default.

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