Tooltip not releasing memory



My application uses the tooltip to display "realtime" data. When a user
hovers over a control, information like temperatures and pressures are
displayed in the tooltip.

Using tootip.SetToolTip(controlName,text) the controls tooltip is updated
every second. There are 50+ of these controls on a form.

I have used perfmon and graphed the working set of my application to track
this problem to the tooltip method. With tooltip.SetToolTip commented out,
the working set graph is flat i.e. working set memory stays constant. Calling
tooltip.SetToolTip, the working set memory steadily increases until my
application stops responding and I can't start other applications.

Any Comments?



Ignacio Machin \( .NET/ C# MVP \)


Are you creating new tooltips each time?
How are you refreshing the info?

Without more details we can not pinpoint where theproblem is

You are on a good path, monitor the memory use when the tooltip is active
and instead of getting the real data put some dummy data. See when is that
the memory use is coming from.

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