Strange Tooltip Problem


Joe Cool

I am having a strange problem with a Windows Forms MDI application I
am working on.

The purpose of the application is to access and maintain data in a SQL
database. The child window is used to display the various data for an
individual item being maintained. The parent form has a toolbar as
well as a Menu bar. The buttons on the toolbar each has a tooltip.

When the user clicks on the toolbar Open button (or the File -> Open
menu item), the parent window's visib;le property is set up false, and
a dialog window opens to display the current list of items so that the
user can select which one(s) that they want to open. When this window
is closed, the parent window's visible property is reset to true and a
child window(s) display the selected item(s).

My problem is this. Most of the time, not every time, when the user
hovers the mouse over the Open toolbar button long enough for the
tooltip to be displayed, when the user clicks on it the tooltip
remains visible after the parent window's visible property is set to

Is there a way to force it to go away when the pareent window's
visible property is set to false?




take a look at the following example I got from Bigshy>>>>>>

for enter event of your control
ControlContentItem.ToolTipService.ToolTip = "Text to be shown here";

ControlContentItem.ToolTipService.InitialShowDelay = 0; // maybe should be
define in the class

You should have the leaving drop area event and, for instance, turn the
tooltip off:

ControlContentItem.ToolTipService.ToolTip = null;


hope the above will give you an idea to adapt to your event of visbiity
change or one of your controls

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