ToolBox control



Can I add a ToolBox control to my forms app? or is it just reserved for the developer platform

Other developer platforms (like Flash) call this an accordian control. Is there a way to trick the tab control into behaving like a toolbox


Hopefully someone from MS will look at this thread..

P.S. I've been developing in Visual C for 14 years now and this comes up on every new version. It seems that Microsoft products (like Outlook) use new controls before they're available to the developers. However, sales people, marketing types and vice presidents are using these controls and don't understand it when you tell them that the control isn't available in the product they're trying to develop/sell. Makes the developers look bad

While I'm ranting, Can MS make it any harder to get support over the web? It took the better part of a half hour to find this site. I tried online support, but the product number wouldn't cut and paste from the Help...About box in Visual Studio into the support form and wouldn't take the number typed in

No wonder people are switching to Linux...




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