To ready for new record next time form is opened



Im trying to view form as ready for new record everytime I opened the form
and when Viewing data,I locked data so User cant edit data unless they click
the button.i used different form.
My problem
1) how to ready for new record when form is opnened?
2) how to locked the data

thank you and regards

Allen Browne

Open the form in design view, and set the properties of the form (not

On the data tab, you can set AllowEdits to No to stop the user editing
existing records. You might want to set AllowDeletions to No as well.

If you set the form's DataEntry property to No, the form won't show any
existing records. It will open ready to enter a new record.


I set the form's DataEntry property to No .
but the form still shows the 1st record.
I tried few form properties to see the results, but I failed.

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