tiny, unreadable font in email editor



I am using Outlook 2007, and I`ve screwed up the email editor,
somehow. It now has tiny, unreadable font that looks like it is
something around a font size of 2. However, when I save the draft of
a message like that, it looks fine in the preview window.

I went to Tools > Options > Mail Format tab and clicked on the
"Stationery and Fonts" button, but the button does not seem to do
anything. In addition, neither the "Signatures" nor the "Editor
Options" button on that tab work.

Anybody ever seen this???

Thanks, Alan


I found the answer almost immediately after posting the question:

Open up a new email, place the cursor in the message area, click
"Zoom" and select "100%". This fixes the problem for the current and
also future messages.


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