Timesheet hours format not adding



I have a timesheet with a column for TOTAL APPROVED HOURS (a SUM of manually
entered approved hours formatted as Number) and TOTAL WORKED HOURS (a sum of
the hours Mon - Fri formatted as H:MM). Because of the formats, the hours
are adding, but giving different values.

Dont know how to explain it all b/c there are formuals involved. Any Excel
expert willing to look at my sheet (confidential info removed of course)

Mike H


In the cells that do the summing use the format


and see if that gives the correct answer

When competing hypotheses are otherwise equal, adopt the hypothesis that
introduces the fewest assumptions while still sufficiently answering the

David Biddulph

If you have hours entered as numbers, rather than as times, divide them by
24 to get as Excel time, & format appropriately.
If you want a total, format as [h]:mm, as the square brackets allow the
hours displayed to go beyond 24 rather than wrapping round to zero again.

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