Creating a Complex Timesheet Record



Hi, I wonder if you can help me.

I have been instructed to create a rather complex timesheet for each staff
member in my company. We are a company of engineers, many of whom are
contracted and as we work on more than one job at a time we need a way of
keeping track of who's doing what on which job and for how long.

Each job has a 4 digit job number (e.g. 2001) and each type of design has a
3 digit sub category (e.g. 100)

Not only does the spreadsheet need to calculate how many hours a week each
staff member works, we also need to know how many hours worked on each job
and separate from that how many hours worked on each sub category for each

Each staff member's timesheet has to be linked to a master page which shows
the total hours worked by the company and also total on each job and each sub

I dont know if I have made that clear enough or even if i am asking the
right person! If not please let me know where else I can go for this advice.

Many Thanks




I have been working on a spreadsheet that is a little like what your after
mine is for patients in in our health care service but again determining who
is doing what!
Its not complete by any means but could provide a template / starting point
for what your after!
Ill happily email it to you!

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