Tiger Woods 2004 - Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro




Whenever I play Tiger Woods 2004 my computer will switch itself off
anywhere between 5-15 minutes after starting. Not sure if overheating
is the problem since I can play Far Cry/Call Of Duty/Medal Of Honour
etc for ever and a day without any problems whatsoever. Surely these
games are far more demanding on the graphics card.

Any one have any ideas what might be causing the problem, is driving
me insane!!!


AMD XP2600+
1GB PC2700 DDR Ram
GIGABYTE 7N400-PRO 2 NFORCE II Motherboard
Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro
Windows XP Pro




I have a 9800 Pro and have no trouble at all. Ruling out the fan, I assume
that it is running properly. Do you have the screen resolution set too high?
Not that it might be the problem but it is possible. Also close all
background tasks especially anti-virus programs and see if that helps. You
could also try lowering some of the game settings to see if that helps.

John O.

Herr Pie

My computer doesn't like Tiger Woods either, it quits after 10-15 minutes.
If I change the player to Phil Michelson or John Daly, it works all day
long. Perhaps Tiger and Intel have royalty issues??

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