There was a problem displaying the attributions. MSN Stock quotes



I have a spreadsheet that uses the add-in 'MSN Money Stock Quotes" that has
been working fine until today. I updated the quotes then made some other
changes to the spreadsheet and when I try to update the quotes again (after
the 5 minute delay), it comes up with a box saying 'There was a problem
displaying the attributions. The quotes have not been updated.' I can close
out of Excel without saving the spreadsheet then restart Excel and reopen the
spreadsheet to update quotes.

Any changes to the spreadsheet besides stock quote updates causes this error


Feb 19, 2007
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MSN Stock Quotes error message

Excel 2007 : MSN Stock Quotes error message: There was a problem displaying attributions.
Help please with your solution
I have adjusted the Trust for add-ins etc., checked the access to Internet, but no reward! I suspect the URL might be not working (how to get into the code) or what?
Thank you - if you will reply.

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