The Visual Basic Applications project in the database is corrupt.



Hello all,
I have an Access 2002 database that resides on a server and is accessed and
updated by a VB application. All operations are normal. I can open and
access the database using Access 2002 without any problems. There are no
modules or macros in the database, just tables queries and a couple of
reports. The database has password (file level) security.

When I open the database with Access 2003 and try to access a table or query
I get the following:
The Visual Basic Applications project in the database is corrupt.

This error can appear if you try to convert an Access 97 database to a more
recent Access database. If the database was not compacted prior to
performing this operation it is highly recommended that it be compacted as
soon as possible. Also, all macros and programs in the VBA projects
associated with the database should be compiled.
The database usually does not convert properly if the database is corrupt or
has many references to entries marked as deleted but not yet removed from
the database. Performing a compact and repair and then compiling it assures
the database is free of defects.
If necessary, you can import the data from the Access 97 database into a new
database using the File - Get External Data... - Import menu options of
More information about this error message online.

I can't close the message box and I have to shut down Access from the Task

Again, no problems whatever with Access 2002, just 2003. I tried
compress/repair in 2002 and the problem persists.

Any help appreciated.

Jonathan Silver




Please disregard. Seems to have been an installation SNAFU. I reinstalled
2003 and the problem went away.


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