The RDP Problem over the PPTP connection



Dear All,

I have used the WinCE 5.0 as a termial device. It connect to the
Windows 2000 Advanced Server over the PPTP dialup. And I can use the
RDP connect the server successful. But each time when I login to the
server's desktop after the windows user identify, the program notifies
me the network connecting failed immediately.

The PPTP dialup icon is still stay on the taskbar. But actually, the
PPTP network connection has already been broken.

Is there anyone meet this problem before? And how to resolved it?




I'm not familiar with this problem, but wondering why you're using PPTP VPN
to connect an RDP client, as in all honesty PPTP is no more secure than the
RDP protocol's native 128 bit security.

SSL VPN or IPSec VPN are better choices, or you could just connect directly
via RDP.

If PPTP is your only option, you might want to post this question on a
networking newsgroup, where people are more knowledgeable about PPTP.

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