"The Print spooler service is not running"

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I am running Window XP on my Gateway laptop.When I try to install my HP
printer, I get the message that "The print spooler services is not running."
When I went to Services and scrolled down to Print Spooler, the Print
Spooler Status was blank. When I tried to start the Print Spooler Service, I
got the message "Could not start the Print Spooler on the local computer.
ERROR: The dependency service or group failed to start."

Thinking that some component of Windows XP is not installed, I inserted my
Windows XP program disk and tried to install "Other Network File and Print
Services." Midway in the installation, I get the error message: "An error
occurred which prevented the Print Services or Unix component from being
installed or removed. The error was 'The depending services or group failed
to start . . . '"

Have I given enough information for you to assist me in correcting this

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