The directory is not empty




I have a few folders on my drive and whenever I try to
delete them I get the message that "Cannot delete <folder
name>: The directory is not empty". If I do delete the
files and subfolders and send them to the recycle bin then
I can't delete these folders and files from the recycle
bin and get the same "The directory is not empty" message;
and I still cannot delete the main parent folder from the

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any help is
greatly appreciated.


R. C. White

Hi, Bob.

MAYBE this will work. It often does.

Open a "DOS" window. Navigate to the parent of the undeletable folder. Use
the Remove Directory command with the /s switch to delete that folder and
all the subfolders and files within it.
Type: rd <foldername> /s

If that doesn't work, tell us exactly what you did and what results you saw.




That didn't work either. Here are the results:-

C:\>rd /s 24d3b8a5se
24d3b8a5se, Are you sure (Y/N)? Y
24d3b8a5se\8d6f9423\assembly\dl2\6ef834e6\0043BC~1 - The
directory is not empty.

24d3b8a5se\8d6f9423\assembly\tmp\1BIPW3AH - The directory
is not empty.
24d3b8a5se\8d6f9423\assembly\tmp\CLSZ6DKR - The directory
is not empty.
24d3b8a5se\8d6f9423\assembly\tmp\X8FMT07E - The directory
is not empty.

I can rename the folders; just can't delete them which is
what I need to do.

Thanks for the help,

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