The Day before a nor-easter hits New England



Upload to go forward All kinds of Construction Please and Thank you
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Sat, Apr 14, 2007 at 12:39 PM
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14 apr 2007
The Day before a nor-easter hits New England
21 mar 2007
" Working in Faith "

" 2007 Hurricane Season is less then 100 Days away "


17 dec 2005
Thank you
It's been a long time
Welcome to
2Barter, Google & YouTube

U. S. Contractors Offering Service...
A-Non-profit made for organizing jobs better, for both contractors
workers Via the Internet. This is a real blessing seen from computers
knowing now that we now have the ability to be a true commutator
information freely between one computer to the next in the effort to
those in-need of construction help.

" We need this blessing "

What about the Construction problems still seen from Space in spring
of 2007

Katrina & Rita was two season ago and the worst to hit the east
of our country.
Plus many Americans down their in that part of our Country are still
great need.
In all kinds of ways to this very Day IN-NEED for more help of being
or inproved to go forward to the next task, they face in front of
We can still see the Disaster from Space.

Google Maps

Those two Hurricane in the 2005 season, hit our beloved New Orleans
and her
surrounding Gulf Coast neighbors hard...
Katrina & Rita's damage is-not-going-way.
And we our now under 100 days from our third season.
think about these things.

Computers are now located all-most everywhere.

" "
U. S. Contractors Offering Service Non-profit.
Is a Internet communicator for all to use,
making this then a shared community.
A CLICK Away* *

VISIONS for are Children's Future.
2Barter, Google & YouTube

Your first NET CASTING Company with VISION

Were if it is not good news then it is not news to US, Him, Them &

" YOU "

Welcome to

U.S. Contractors Offering Service A Non-profit Organization geared
helping those in need, to view more please do so located @
New Orleans
Gulf Coast


To view more of the barters that 2Barter, Google & YouTube have done
do so
A CLICK Away Web Mailing
*#1 *
C-hasing C-ow T-o M-usic (e-mail address removed),
~~~~~~~~1~Above ~~~~~2~Below~~~~~~~~~~
C-ool C-onstruction T-raining M-ovies
U. S. Contractors Offering Srevice (e-mail address removed)>,
*C-ool C-onstruction T-raining M-ovies Via*
all via the Internet by
Google &YouTube & 2Barter...
U. S. Contractors Offering Service
A Non-profit
@ <[email protected]>,

--~--~---------~--~----~------ ------~-------~--~----~
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Bruce Chambers

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Bruce Chambers

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