The data file 'Mailbox - username' was not closed properly



Good afternoon everyone,

I have this user, using sbs 2003 SE, outlook 2003 on Windows xp, all of a
sudden, when the outlook is started, he is getting a popup box from
Microsoft Office Outlook. The data file 'Mailbox - username' was not closed
properly. This file is bein gchecked for problems. Sometime take 30 minutes,
sometime just halt the pc. Sometime when after restart the pc number of
time, the time which take to chek the file would significantly reduced to
about 10 minutes.

Anyone any idea why this message. Is there a 'proper way' to to close the
outlook 2003. Have done the File menu --> Exit option but still same error
message from time to time.





neo [mvp outlook]

Run SCANOST.EXE against this users OST* file. If this repair tool can't fix
errors that are in the *.OST, then make sure they connect/sync one last
time. Close Outlook and delete/rename the OST file. Start Outlook and a
new one will be created.

* default location for the OST is \documents and settings\<userid>\local
settings\application data\microsoft\outlook


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