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Hi All.

I'm looking for a control to use in VB.NET 2005 that merge a Listview
functions with a Treeview. A good example is this one:

The only problem is that after I've added a reference and also the control,
I can compile it, use it, work on it only one time in VB. After, when I want
to reopen the Designer to Edit the Form1 (that contains the control) I
receive an error:
"One or more errors encountered while loading the designer. The errors are
listed below. Some errors can be fixed by rebuilding your project, while
others may require code changes. "
The variable 'TreeListViewItemCollectionComparer1' is either undeclared or
was never assigned.
The variable 'TreeListViewItemCollectionComparer1' is either undeclared or
was never assigned.

The Designer doesn't start.
I' ve tryed to cut the code directly into the Form1.Designer.vb (I know that
I can't) and after I've removed the code of
TreeListViewItemCollectionComparer1 definition I can reopen the Designer
correctly. Obviously when I modify any proprieties the Designer Re-Write the
Form1.Designer.vb and introduce on it the same error.

Last thing. Very Important. This happen only with VB project. If I use this
control in a C# project all work fine.

Any Suggestions???
Thank a lot.


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