You must have a license to use this ActiveX control.


Jerry Spence1

My project uses a number of ActiveX controls from various sources. I
received an update for one of them which I registered. If I go into a new
project, I can add this control to the form and use it OK. However in an
existing project, it comes up with the message "You must have a license to
use this ActiveX control" so presumably it is still referring to the old

You are not allowed to see the form it applies to as VB hides this. Your
only action seems to be to edit Form1.Designer.vb and remove all references
to the control (if you know which one it's referring to!). After this, I
remove the reference to it under References in MyProject. I then save
everything, but I still keep getting the message.

I know that if I could get Form1 up I could add the control again and all
would be well. I dread starting the project from scratch!

How can I get out of this? What should I have done to prevent it?



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