the add-in Multimap for Microsoft® Outlook®



I have downloaded from Multimap's UK website the add-in Multimap for
Microsoft® Outlook®

The contents have successfully been downloaded into my main C drive - in
"Multimap tools for Outlook" folder.

However the Add Map button doesn't appear in my Outlook 2007 toolbar, and
the add-in is not listed in the Trust Centre on my Outlook 2007.

Please may I ask if anyone is able to provide me with advice / guidance on

Huge thanks

Roady [MVP]

Downloading the add-in is not sufficient. Did you use the installer to
install it as well?
If Outlook wasn't fully closed during installation, restart your computer
and see if it works correctly now.
Otherwise, contact Multimap support.

FWIW; the add-in installed and works correctly here.

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