Text Qualifiers



I imported a tab-delimited text file, with quotation marks as the text
qualifiers. Excel removed the marks, and now I need to save the file back as
text, and put the quotation marks back in. Is there anyway I can do this?

Dave Peterson

I'd use a helper column (say column C) with a formula in it that wraps the
fields that you need in quotes:

and drag down.

Then select column C.
Copy it
Paste into Notepad
Save that as the .CSV file.

Or you could use a macro to write the text file anyway you want.

Here are three sites that you could steal some code from:

Earl Kiosterud's Text Write program:
(or directly: http://www.smokeylake.com/excel/text_write_program.htm)

Chip Pearson's:

J.E. McGimpsey's:

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