Text changing formatting when pasted



I was reading an article on the MVP site regarding when you paste text from
one document based on the normal dot into another document based on another
template. I created a template where the normal style is ariel 11. I opened a
document based on normal dot and typed in some text. I then copied and pasted
it into the document based on the template that I changed the normal style to
be ariel 11. However, when I pasted the text it retained the formatting of
the normal dot and anything I typed after was also times new roman 12. The
article I read by Shauna Kelly states the opposite. How do I get the text of
the document I copy from to take on the style of the document I am pasting to.

Thanks in advance for your help.





Joe McGuire

The simple answer is to use Paste Special and paste the incoming text as
"Unformatted text." It will take on the style that is already in effect at
the insertion point. To do this, first select your text in the first
document and copy it. Then go to the point in the second document where you
want to insert it. Press Edit, Paste Special, Unformatted Text and the
incoming text will assume the style you have in effect at that point, such
as "Normal" or anything else. This also works for pasting stuff from
sources other than word documents.

There is also a way to set this up using Smart tags, I think, but I am not
smart enough. Besides, I find that this works quite well in the different
versions of Word that I work with. I even have a Paste Special Macro I put
on the toolbar in Word. Saves me about 2 mouse clicks. Haven't figured out
what to do with all the time I have saved.

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